Shaping tomorrow’s diverse tech workforce means starting today.

We create development opportunities, youth training programs, workforce development and educator resources that help build confident, cutting-edge, high demand individuals, prepared for versatile innovative technology careers.

Youth in Tech

  • Brain Exchange

    AIM Brain Exchange offers youth a facility and philosophy focused on helping aid the discovery of what they like to do, what they are good at, and how to translate this into a career.

  • AIM codeCraft


    codeCraft Explorers offers youth the opportunity to experience a variety of technologies. No previous experience is needed! All Sessions are self-contained, so feel free to attend one or all sessions. No homework required!

    codeCraft Masters offers youth a “deep dive” learning into technology. Sessions run 3 to 3.5 hours and require youth to practices skills outside of sessions. Regular attendance and your own laptop is required.

    codeCraft sessions are FREE to attend, and the only rule is to be cool!

  • 75 North Partnership

    Interface: The Web School believes in empowering the Greater Omaha workforce through convenient and affordable tech education. That’s why we’re proud with Seventy Five North & Heartland Workforce Solutions to provide free web development training for young adults ages 18-24.

  • Google Girls in IT

    Thanks to a grant from Google Inc Charitable Giving Fund, AIM has expanded its outreach to young women in Council Bluffs interested in exploring information technology as a future career.

    Sessions will be offered on game development, graphic design, programming languages and other topics to help girls and young women develop skills at their own pace with support from adult mentors.

  • Silicon Prairie Gencyber Camp

    The AIM Institute, in collaboration with Bellevue University and University of Nebraska at Omaha, is offering The Silicon Prairie GenCyber Camp for youth and educators. The camp promotes hands-on and investigative activities to educate camp participants about the principles, risks, and applications of cybersecurity.

  • TRIO Talent Search


    AIM TRIO Talent Search is a grant awarded to AIM by the US Department of Education. The goal of the grant is to provide students, parents and guardians with free resources that help students successfully graduate from high school and enroll in college.

    The program is offered to students in grades 6-12 in Council Bluffs at Thomas Jefferson High School and Woodrow Wilson Middle School, and in Omaha at Benson High School, Bryan High School, Monroe Middle School, and Bryan Middle School.

  • TRIO Upward Bound Club

    The AIM TRIO Upward Bound Club is a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education. The grant provides resources, activities, guidance and mentoring to approximately 50 high school students each year. The goal of the grant is to guide students toward successful graduation from high school and college.

    The program is offered to high school students in Council Bluffs at Thomas Jefferson High School, in Omaha at Bryan High School and in Papillion at Papillion-La Vista High School and Papillion-La Vista South High School.

  • TRIO Educational Opportunity Center

    The AIM Educational Opportunity Center (EOC) offers assistance to people looking to pursue postsecondary education.

    Several free services are available and are designed to help assist program participants in understanding their educational options, and navigate the college admissions and financial aid process.

    With help from a federally funded TRIO grant from the Department of Education, AIM EOC assists over 1,000 people in a 14 county region. The EOC focuses on a diverse population of first generation students and veterans. Its mission is to break down barriers and ease the transition into school so individuals can work toward completing their goal to pursue higher education.

  • College Access Program

    Each year 25 students are identified in eighth grade to participate in CAP throughout their high school years. This timing helps ensure that CAP students make a successful transition into high school and on to college. The program includes components such as assistance with financial aid, college placement test preparation, campus visits, and academic planning.

    CAP is a four year program, and is available for students attending Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln High School and Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson High School. 

  • Scholarships

    The Omaha chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), in partnership with AIM, provides academic scholarships to deserving students who are either planning on attending or continuing to attend a college, university, community college, or technical school in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, North Dakota, or South Dakota, with the goal of achieving an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Information Technology, Computer Science, or a related field.

  • Cisco Academy Support Center

    The Cisco Networking Academy is a global education program that teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to career and economic opportunities in communities around the world. The Networking Academy provides online courses, interactive tools, and hands-on learning activities to help individuals prepare for ICT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry.

  • Midwest Center for IT

    The Midwest Center for IT is a regional consortium of 10 community colleges and AIM. The center was created in 2001 through funding from the National Science Foundation. The goal of this collaboration is to produce IT graduates with the technical and non-technical skills desired by local employers.

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