Evaluation is becoming an integral part of all programs and projects, particularly those foundations. “Accountability” is the buzzword, but also the reality. The questions all funding sources seem to be asking include:

  • Are you doing what you said you would do?
  • Is it working?
  • How do you know it’s working?
  • How do you plan to sustain the program?

The mission of the Evaluation Services group at the AIM Institute is to deliver timely, accurate and usable evaluation results that enable organizations to build and sustain success. Since 1998 AIM has provided successful evaluation services to business, education and community organizations. We bring a wealth of expertise in diverse processes, enabling us to select the method that will yield the most meaningful results for your project. AIM can provide your organization with the following evaluation services:

  • Use the results to improve your company’s decision making & demonstrate program effectiveness
  • Provide data management services to collect, manage and report program data
  • Provide evaluation training and technical assistance
  • Help organizations meet the challenges of developing and sustaining successful programs

Evaluation Consulting
Let us support or manage your evaluation needs from start to finish. AIM strives to implement high-quality evaluations directly aligned with agency and/or program objectives in order to maximize both the credibility and utility of evaluation results. However, we believe that evaluation extends beyond the collection and analysis of data into the application of results. We will help you apply the qualitative and quantitative evaluation information to improve your programs, demonstrate program effectiveness, and inform your future planning and programming. For an example of our work, read Gage County MAPS Wins Prestigious National Award, a project supported by our evaluation consulting services.

Data Management Solution
We offer a web-based data collection and analysis solution that allows for management and tracking of participant and program information so that evaluation statistics and reporting reviews are always available and up-to-date. Our highly versatile solution has been used for the record-keeping management of grants sponsored by the U.S. Departments of Labor, Education, and Health and Human Services.

Evaluation Training & Technical Assistance
We offer training and ongoing technical assistance to build the evaluation capacity of organizations. By providing real-world experiences in the application of evaluation concepts, methods, and findings, organizations learn the fundamentals of developing and implementing an evaluation. The AIM Institute also helps agencies improve their organizational development through strategic job postings, technology consulting and website development.

Developing & Sustaining Successful Programs
Developing and sustaining successful programs can be a challenge for many organizations. Not only do we have the expertise to help you develop a successful program, but perhaps even more importantly, we can help you plan how to sustain your program after the initial pilot is completed and/or the grant money is gone. Through our sustainability planning, we will help you look at internal ways of maintaining what has been developed. This might include making systemic changes to institutionalize the new programs, as well as developing a marketing plan to achieve buyin and sustained funding.


For questions about Evaluation Services, please contact:

Yolanda Eledge Evaluation Account Manager 402.345.5025 x109
Dr. Levi Thiele    Director of Research 402.345.5025 x196