CoderDojos are a global movement of open source coding sessions led by volunteer mentors from education and industry. Kids learn how to creatively code at their own pace in a fun, relaxed environment. CoderDojos are FREE to attend, and the only rule is be cool!

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scratch day

Scratch Day is the global network of events that celebrates Scratch and the kids who code and create with it. The idea is to bring kids and adults around the world together to share Scratch projects and learn from one another. This year’s Scratch Day is May 9, 2015, but people organise them throughout the year.


Ages (7-17)

UNO Mammel Hall-Small Conference Room

9:30am to 11am

Join in the fun and learn to code with the basics of Scratch.  IT Mentors will be available to help you understand the basic principles of coding.  This is a non-traditional learning environment where teaching is facilitated by the Mentors so the participant learns critical skills of problem solving and research.

Registration will open on May 1, 2015.

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All sessions are free and volunteer led in an open learning environment.

If you’re interested in volunteering, contact Eli Aquilar (Scottsbluff) Cheryl Steede (Omaha metro),  Tim Erickson (Central Nebraska) or Rod Armstrong (Lincoln metro)

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